Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Experience


Bio-identical hormone therapy, although not all that is utilized in a Preventative/Regenerative Physician Specialist's office practice, is a significant part of it all. Dr. Harry Stoller, MD first was exposed to this concept, by Dr. Joel Hargrove, MD, the Chairman of The Reproductive Endocrinology Department, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center during the 1980s. Since that time, Dr Stoller has had over two thousand patient years of experience in this discipline, treating women in their menopause and beyond, plus men in their andropause.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy has helped protect women from osteopenia, depression, plus many other issues. Men have had reversal of the symptoms of andropause, fatigue, weight gain, muscle loss, and declining libido.

The negative information provided by the media lumps all Hormone Treatment into one catch-all group. This is unfortunate, there are major differences. The World Health Organization stopped their study short of completion, because of increased problems seen with the foreign estrogen from pregnant mare's urine, plus a synthetic progestin (also a foreign substance). None of these are used in a Bio Identical Program. The hormones are from either soy (there are no soy side effects) or the wild yam, and are molecularly identical to the hormones our bodies have been making. In our practice, we use the twenty four hour urine method which is the most accurate method of determining these values. If there has been no hormone therapy for eighteen months, we may (not usually) use a salivary measurement initially, however since late 2012 are definitely using 24 hour urine measurements almost exclusively. The hormones (progesterone in particular), concentrate in the salivary glands, thus salivary measurements giving results abnormally high. Blood tests have been used and is what Dr. Stoller did in the early days, until better technology became reliably available. Blood tests provide predictably low values, thus the problem with overdosing becomes an issue with women having spotting on occasion.

With proper dosing, which can be done via the twenty four hour urine determination, virtually eliminates this problem. Thus, this has proven to be an exceptionally safe and beneficial therapy. In the long history of Dr. Stoller using Bio Identical Hormone Therapy, there has never been a complication, or issue that a simple dose change could not manage. The research on this is over 35 years in length, and although no problems have occurred, that possibility does exist.

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